One Voice Community Choir is a Singing-For-Pleasure activity, aimed at all ages and abilities. Our choir groups meet each week at a particular location. Following a short chat on any weekly news, we do some exercises to warm up our voices and work a little on improving breath control. We then move onto our songs, some of which will be new, others we may have been singing for some time. After an hour, we have our refreshment break; usually tea, coffee, soft drinks, biscuits and occasionally, cake! Following the break, we continue with singing, with each session lasting a total of two hours.

At One Voice Community Choir, we take pride in a fun and friendly atmosphere, with an emphasis on the social side. Nobody is undervalued - whatever your singing ability, we welcome the chance to bring some fun into your life and most of our members leave with a smile on their faces! Please attend regularly and enjoy your time with us.

We also like to put on a performance every now and again - something you can ask your friends and family along to. Nobody is obliged to take part - it is entirely your choice.